Praise for the Book

“Worthy of Six Stars”…

”Can’t Say Enough Good about this Book”




”Top notch”

”For some reason, this book held my attention in a way I couldn’t figure out”

”Once you start reading the book you can’t put it down”

”Amazing read”

”Earns my best review Brilliant.”

“Fascinating!” Emmy winning 60 Minute journalist, Mike Wallace

Praise for Hans Kraus

“A beautiful account” Hollywood producer, Steve Schwartz (no relation, alas)

“A true friend” Katherine Hepburn

“A man for all seasons and a hero of mine” Yvon Chouinard, Founder and President, Patagonia

“You will be always remain on the top of the list by those who dearly loved and worked with the President.” John F. Kennedy’s Chief White House doctor, George Burkley, in a note to Hans Kraus, dated 11/30/63